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Barrington Erle (Character)
from "The Pallisers" (1974)

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"The Pallisers: Part Sixteen (#1.16)" (1974)
Mr. Monk: [Noticing that Lord Fawn has replaced them as an invited guest in Glencora's boudoir] The Duchess seems to have rather a full program this evening.
Barrington Erle: She's a sight too fond of sticking her fork in other people's dinner.

Barrington Erle: Quite frankly, Lady Glen, Finn ain't been showing the right kind of form just lately. Well, it ain't just the right kind of form to get yourself talked about... as a married woman's lover.
Glencora: [laughs] Don't be such an old woman, Barrington. I don't see why he should be cast aside just because of that.
[In a stage whisper]
Glencora: It happens every day!