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Tooey Brown (Character)
from "Leave It to Beaver" (1957)

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"Leave It to Beaver: The Shave (#2.8)" (1958)
Edward 'Eddie' Haskell: Hey fellas, you wanna feel something?
Chester Anderson: What?
Edward 'Eddie' Haskell: Feel my upper lip.
Tooey Brown: Hey, don't tell me you're startin' to shave!
Edward 'Eddie' Haskell: What do you mean, startin'? I been shavin' for over two months.
Chester Anderson: I've been shavin' for six months.
Wally Cleaver: No foolin'?
Chester Anderson: Almost once a month.

"Leave It to Beaver: The Boat Builders (#2.16)" (1959)
Chester Anderson: Now all we gotta do is get some skin to cover the boat.
Theodore Cleaver: There's no animals around here got that much skin.
Wally Cleaver: The Eskimos use seal skin. What are we gonna use?
Chester Anderson: Hey, my father's got an old raccoon coat. Maybe we could use that.
Tooey Brown: Aw, cut it out. Who wants a fuzzy canoe?