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Quotes for
Amy Clayton (Character)
from Ice Dreams (2009) (TV)

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Ice Dreams (2009) (TV)
Tim King: Do you know what time it is?
Amy Clayton: I always skate this late.

Amy Clayton: Impatience is a weakness. It challenges your focus and take you out of the moment. Okay, show me what you got.

Tim King: I'm not buying that!
Amy Clayton: I'm not selling it!

Amy Clayton: Are you gonna sell it?
Tim King: I don't want to.
Amy Clayton: Then don't.

Amy Clayton: My father died, it was an accident. Just before the games. I was in the car.
Tim King: I didn't know, I'm sorry, I.
Amy Clayton: After that I, I just couldn't skate anymore.

Amy Clayton: You painted my face on the side of a building.
Tim King: Yeah I did, didn't I.
Amy Clayton: Yes you did.
[They kiss]

Amy Clayton: You helped me find my way back. You helped me find a new life.
Tim King: I wish things would've worked out differently.
Amy Clayton: Me too.

Amy Clayton: I never wanted you to fix me. That's what you wanted. I don't blame you for anything. No one could help me mother. I had to help myself.

Harriet Clayton: Of course I do, we'll take my car.
Amy Clayton: What's wrong with my car?
Harriet Clayton: It's not a car dear, it's a casualty.