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Carlos Murietta (Character)
from "Zorro" (1957)

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"Zorro: The Deadly Bolas (#1.33)" (1958)
Zorro: [rescuing Bernardo who is also dressed as Zorro] Buenas noches, señores.
Carlos Murrietta: Zorro? Two of them.
Zorro: I hate to spoil your fun, señores, but we Zorros must stick together.

"Zorro: The Well of Death (#1.34)" (1958)
Carlos Murrietta: How did anyone as stupid as you ever become sargeant?
Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia: It wasn't easy. I was a private for a long time. And then one day I saw the Comandante kissing the Magistrado's wife, and the next thing you know... I am a sargeant, Señor, because I possess the natural qualities of leadership!

"Zorro: The Man with the Whip (#1.31)" (1958)
Sgt. Demetrio Lopez Garcia: [Watches Carlos sign the registrar at the inn] Carlos. That is that your first name, Señor?
Carlos Murrietta: No, Sargeant. That is the name of my horse. He is a very uneducated horse. Cannot read or write. Therefore, I must sign the registrar for him at the inn where he is a guest.