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The Son of Pharaoh (Character)
from The Ten Commandments (1923)

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The Ten Commandments (1956)
[Moses and Aaron go into Pharoah's throne and order freedom, the rod becomes a serpent. Which frightened Rameses' son]
Rameses' son: Mother! Mother! He turned his staff into a cobra!
Nefretiri: Nothing of his, will harm you my son.
Rameses: The power of your god is a cheap magicians trick. Jannes.
[then Jannes' rods become cobras, but are quickly swallowed by Moses' rod. After the cobras combat, Rameses' son kicks Moses' shin, as revenge of being scared]

[after nine of the ten plagues curse Egypt, Moses is sent for]
Rameses' son: [before Moses comes into Pharoah's throne] Will my father free the slaves?
[Pharoah's son was called to be beside him, as he still refused to free the Hebrew slaves]

[during the plague of the death of Egypt's firstborn]
Rameses' son: My father.
[in a weak voice, this was also Rameses' son's last line]
Rameses: My son.
Nefretiri: Your own curse is on him.

The Prince of Egypt (1998)
Rameses Son: Father?
Miriam: It's...
Egyptian: Blood!