Hilly Holbrook
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Hilly Holbrook (Character)
from The Help (2011)

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The Help (2011)
Minny Jackson: Eat my shit.
Hilly Holbrook: What'd you say?
Minny Jackson: I said eat... my... shit.
Hilly Holbrook: Have you lost your mind?
Minny Jackson: No, ma'am but you is about to. 'Cause you just did.

Hilly Holbrook: [check from Celia Foote] Pay to the order of: Two Slice Hilly, $200.00.
[tears it up]

Hilly Holbrook: Maybe I can't send you to jail for what you wrote, but I can send you for being a thief.
Aibileen Clark: I know something about you. Don't you forget that. From what Yule Mae says, there's a lot of time to write letters in jail. Plenty of time to write the truth about you. And the paper is free.
Hilly Holbrook: Nobody will believe what you wrote!
Aibileen Clark: I don't know. I been told I'm a pretty good writer, already sold a lot of books!

Hilly Holbrook: They carry different diseases than we do. That's why I've drafted the Home Health Sanitation Initiative.
Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan: The what?
Hilly Holbrook: A disease-preventative bill that requires every white home to have a separate bathroom for the colored help. It's been endorsed by the White Citizen's Council.
Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan: Maybe we should just build you a bathroom outside, Hilly.

Hilly Holbrook: I specifically said, "Drop old *coats* at my house", not *commodes*!

Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan: What the hell? What are you doing here?
[Hilly throws her cigarette at Skeeter]
Hilly Holbrook: I contacted my lawyer. Hibby Goodman? He is the best libel attorney in the state. Oh, Missy, you are going to jail!
Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan: You can't prove anything!
Hilly Holbrook: Oh, I 100% know you wrote it, 'cause nobody in this town is as tacky as you!
Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan: [Pokes Hilly] You don't know anything, Hilly!
Hilly Holbrook: [Shoves Skeeter] Oh, I don't, do I? You tell Abilene the next time she wants to write about my good friend Elizabeth... Hm? Remember her? Had you in her wedding?... Let's just say Abilene should have been a bit smarter before writing about that L-shaped scratch in poor Elizabeth's dining table.
[takes off her sunglasses]
Hilly Holbrook: And that nigger Minny... do I have plans for her.
Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan: Careful, Hilly. That's chapter 12.
[Hilly gasps]
Eugenia 'Skeeter' Phelan: Don't give yourself away now.
Hilly Holbrook: That was not me!