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Agent Jake Shelby (Character)
from "Ocean Girl" (1994)

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"Ocean Girl: The Golden Ankh (#4.4)" (1997)
Agent Jake Shelby: Today! Not yesterday, not tomorrow! Not when the full moon kisses the Sphinx's ear but right now!

"Ocean Girl: Cheat (#4.11)" (1997)
Dr. Laviche: Actual verbal language is less important than the physiological data we need to compile. The subject's highly economical use of oxygen, for example. Her ability to communicate with whales.
Agent Jake Shelby: That's all very well from a medical point of view. We need to question the subject. We need names, dates, facts...
Dr. Laviche: Yes, in due course. But first, we must address ourselves to the biological and commercial possibilities inherent in the specimen.
Richter: Commercial possibilities?
Dr. Laviche: We may be able to splice some of the specimens characteristics onto the DNA of human lifeforms. If PRAXIS had exclusive rights to such a process...
Richter: Good. Very good. A good point.
Agent Elly Hauser: Neri is not a specimen, Doctor. She's a living, compassionate being. And as for splicing and grafting her DNA...
Agent Jake Shelby: You're out of line, Hauser.
Agent Elly Hauser: I don't care if...
Richter: But I do, Agent. It means you're becoming personally involved in the investigation.
Agent Elly Hauser: All I want is for Neri to be treated with some dignity and respect!

"Ocean Girl: A Wrong Friend (#4.8)" (1997)
Agent Jake Shelby: Whales?
Agent Elly Hauser: I don't know. Could be something in it. I mean, there's enough data to say that whales and dolphins are as intelligent as some humans. I mean, maybe she's got a bond with them.
Agent Jake Shelby: You're nuts.
Agent Elly Hauser: The alien girl and her one special whale. The loyal friend at her side.

"Ocean Girl: The Hunt for the Golden Ankh (#4.9)" (1997)
Richter: So, what you're saying is ORCA, a marine research colony, is a cover for an alien-run operation?
Agent Jake Shelby: The commander there, Dianne Bates, she's covering up something. We know that.
Agent Elly Hauser: In light of this new information, sir, it is imperative that we return to the area immediately. We know from the DNA tests this girl is an alien, sir. We've never been this close before. We cannot let her slip through our fingers.
Richter: On the contrary. You seem to be very good at that.