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Lucius Septimus (Character)
from Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)

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King of Kings (1961)
Lucius: [to Jesus, who is trying to visit John the Baptist in prison] For some reason, I favored Your mother once before. I will give You a moment with the prisoner John. But remember this... break Caesar's law, and you shall find in me the most merciless of men.

Herod: Lucius, order every first born male child put to the sword.
Lucius: I am a Roman soldier. I do not murder children.

Lucius: [after Jesus dies] He is truly the Christ!

Lucius: Pilate offered that mob a choice.
Barabbas: [incredulous] And they chose me?
Lucius: Your followers yelled the loudest! Go; look at Him who is dying for you!

Herod Antipas: Tell me, Lucius. What manner of man is Pontius Pilate? How should I treat him? What is his weakness?
Lucius: Same as any man. Vanity.

Lucius: [Arriving at Jesus' home in Nazareth on horseback with another Roman soldier and greeting the Holy Family] Do not fear. We're simply checking the census against the tax rolls.
[Reading from a scroll]
Lucius: Now, you are... Joseph. And you live here with your wife Mary.
Joseph: That is so.
Lucius: [Pointing to Jesus] Who's this boy?
Virgin Mary: My son, Jesus.
Lucius: [Looking at the scroll again] I have no record of His birth. When was He born?
Virgin Mary: Twelve years ago.
Lucius: Where?
Virgin Mary: In Bethlehem.
[Jesus walks away]
Lucius: [Realizing Jesus must have survived the killing of the young boys in Bethlehem which he commanded on Herod's orders 12 years before, and after a long, tense pause] Bethlehem.
[Mary nods "yes"]
Lucius: [to the other Roman soldier, who then rides away] Count those in the next house.
[to Mary]
Lucius: See that the boy is registered before the year is out.
[Lucius himself rides away, after which Joseph and Mary look at each other with relief]

Lucius: [Jesus is trying to visit John the Baptist in prison] The prisoner John is not allowed visitors. If you wish to send him a message, leave it with the guard.
Jesus: I would see John.
Lucius: Why?
Jesus: I come to free John.
Lucius: [sarcastically] And just how do you propose to break him free from his cell?
Jesus: I come to free him within his cell.
Lucius: Freedom? Behind stone walls?
Jesus: You are free to come and go as you please, and yet you are still a prisoner because you place no faith in anything but your sword.

John the Baptist: [to Lucius, who is visiting him in his prison cell] You treated me well. I should like to ask just one more kindness.
Lucius: Ask.
John the Baptist: Before I leave this world, I would send a message to Jesus.
Lucius: What is the message?
John the Baptist: Ask of Him, in these words, "Was it Your coming that was foretold, or are we to expect another?"
Lucius: You doubt Him?
John the Baptist: No. I do not doubt Him. But I would like to hear it from His own lips.
[Lucius then unshackles John, who looks at him with appreciation]

Pontius Pilate: [Lucius is reporting to Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount] What did the man say?
Lucius: [dryly] He spoke of... peace, love, and the brotherhood of man.
Herod Antipas: Humph! Is that all?
Lucius: That is all.
[Lucius leaves]
Herod Antipas: [noticing Pilate looks puzzled] What is the matter?
Pontius Pilate: The look on Lucius' face.
Herod Antipas: He had a long journey. He looked tired.
Pontius Pilate: He looked more than tired to my eyes.

Pontius Pilate: [In Jerusalem, Pilate and Lucius are concerned Barabbas may be planning an uprising] How many followers has he?
Lucius: Who? God, Jesus, or Barabbas?
Pontius Pilate: Barabbas.
Lucius: How many dissatisfied Jews are there in Jerusalem?
Pontius Pilate: Have you considered the possibility of the followers of Jesus and Barabbas joining forces?
Lucius: I have.
Pontius Pilate: Where would it happen?
Lucius: Since we are here... here!

"Rome: Pharsalus (#1.7)" (2005)
[last lines; Pompey arrives on the beach in Alexandria]
Lucius Septimius: Sir! You probably don't remember me. Lucius Septimius. Centurion, Fourth Cohort in Spain.
Pompey Magnus: Lucius Septimius, of course, of course. Well, what are you doing here?
Lucius Septimius: Working for the gyppos, sir. It's not the legions, but one must earn's one's salt.
Pompey Magnus: Indeed he must. Well, onward, friend.
[He reaches out and takes Septimius's hand. Septimius seizes it and stabs Pompey in the chest. Pompey gasps]
Lucius Septimius: [whispering] I'm sorry, sir.
[He steps back and chops Pompey's head off]