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Dr. Alexander Southmore (Character)
from "Hawaii Five-O" (1968)

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"Hawaii Five-O: The Burning Ice (#4.9)" (1971)
Dr. Alexander Southmore: Where were you this evening?
Melissa: Are you really interested?

Det. Steve McGarrett: Tell me, doctor... Do you know of anyone who had a reason to kill your wife?
Dr. Alexander Southmore: I don't understand, Mr. McGarrett. She was robbed... Isn't it obvious why she was killed?
Det. Steve McGarrett: Well... The obvious always bothers me, doctor.

Dr. Alexander Southmore: Mr. McGarrett, I detect a reluctance on your part to accept his confession... Why is that?
Det. Steve McGarrett: Well, doctor... Have you ever ran all the tests you can run on a patient, gotten all the facts, and still feel the diagnosis is wrong somehow?... That there's something missing?
Dr. Alexander Southmore: Yes, that happens.
Det. Steve McGarrett: That answers your question, doesn't it?

Dr. Alexander Southmore: [after McGarrett faces him down with the evidence against him] You're guessing... You can't prove one word you're saying!