Victoria Davis
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Victoria Davis (Character)
from "One Tree Hill" (2003)

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"One Tree Hill: Don't Dream It's Over (#5.6)" (2008)
Owen: [to Brooke, after seeing her mother] I feel like I'm looking into the future here.
Owen: It's a rough ride ahead, by the way.
Brooke Davis: OK! We're not talking anymore.
Victoria Davis: [pointing her glass] Owen!
Owen: [to Brooke] Well, looks like you future self's calling. What you'd like to drink in 20 years?
Brooke Davis: Poison.

Victoria Davis: The song's called 'No Good'?
Victoria Davis: Appropriate. OK, so this is a huge waste of money. I would say it was a waste of time but you all failed so quickly it really wasn't. So when you locate Peyton in that gutter, you let her know I like to speak with her before this catastrophe goes any further.

Victoria Davis: Penelope Davis!
Millicent: I'll be in the back.
Victoria Davis: Did you schedule a conference call with Macy's?
Brooke Davis: Yeah. 'Cause I was thinking...
Victoria Davis: Well, don't! In case you have to hear it, you have zero business sense!
Brooke Davis: Mom...
Victoria Davis: Let me finish. For the last three years I've been calling the shots and look how this company has grown. You're a talented designer, Brooke but you don't spin the straw to gold. I do. Truth be told, you're not smart enough to do it.
Peyton Sawyer: [running outside after Victoria] Hey, Ice Queen! Stop being such a bitch to your daughter.
Victoria Davis: And did my daughter pay you to say that?
Peyton Sawyer: No, I came up with that one for free.
Victoria Davis: Well, I advise you keep your little underachieving mouth shut. Because my relationship with my daughter is none of your business.
Peyton Sawyer: No, it is, when you tear her down and call her stupid. See, the truth is, you're actually worried she's smart. And that's a threat you to because when she figures out how to do the business side of this company - Goodbye, Victoria.

Victoria Davis: As a matter of fact, it's quite clear you never had a mother.
Peyton Sawyer: Yeah? Neither did Brooke.