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Constantin Demeris (Character)
from The Other Side of Midnight (1977)

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Memories of Midnight (1991) (TV)
Constantin Demiris: Goodbye, my dear. Good luck with your new film, although my advice is check first, find out if you're still going to be in it.

Constantin Demiris: It isn't worth a penny over seven hundred.
Spyros: I know that Costa, but it's worth the extra just to take something as beautiful as that out of your hands.
Constantin Demiris: I recall you said that once about your sister when she married me.

The Other Side of Midnight (1977)
Constantin Demeris: My family was very poor. My father was a stevedore. There were fourteen children, and we had to fight for our bread at the table. I was lucky; I was born with a talent for mathematics. I learned to quickly estimate the odds against me, and then I beat them. Some people encouraged me along the way. Others snubbed or cheated me, but in my heart there is an indelible record of each transaction. We all play God, but some of us are better-equipped for the role than others. You see, where most men go unpunished for the evil they do, I am in a position to make them pay. Call it justice, call it vengeance... it's all the same. Nor do I believe as it is in the Bible, "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth", but rather, a head for an eye and a heart for a tooth. A simple religion, but once people know that I practise it devoutly, they stay away from my eyes, and far away from my teeth.