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Stu Erwin (Character)
from "The Stu Erwin Show" (1950)

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"The Stu Erwin Show: Barbecue (#1.41)" (1951)
June Erwin: You know perfectly well that the Johnsons are coming over for bridge this evening.
Stu Erwin: Ohhh.
June Erwin: Don't tell me you're too tired.
Stu Erwin: The mere thought of having to lift thirteen cards at one time wears me out.

Stu Erwin: A barbecue reduces cooking to utter simplicity. It's just a matter of impaling the bird on a spit and letting nature do the rest. Nothing to it; nothing at all.
June Erwin: Nothing but buying it, cleaning it, singeing it, plucking out its pinfeathers...