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Quotes for
Ugga (Character)
from The Croods (2013)

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The Croods (2013)
Ugga: Mom, we're ready to leave. Mom?
[Silence, Grug Looks Hopefully]
Gran: Still alive!
Grug: It's still early.
Gran: And You're still fat!

Ugga: [Wearing a wig] Honey, what's that on your head?
Gran: It's called desperation.
Grug: I call it a rug. Rhymes with Grug.
[points to boulder]
Grug: And this is a ride. Also rhymes with Grug.
Guy: That doesn't rhyme.

Grug: No more dark. No more hiding. No more caves. What's the point of all this? To follow the light. I can't change. I don't have ideas. But I have my strength. And right now, that's all you need.
Ugga: No, we don't know what's over there. Maybe nothing! It's too risky!
Grug: It's a chance.
Guy: I'll take that chance.
Grug: You know, I've wanted to throw you away ever since I met you.
Guy: Heh. That's a joke, right?
Grug: [jokingly] What's a "joke"?
[throws him over to the other cliff]

Eep: I never got to tell him.
Ugga: Eep, if your dad were here, he would tell you to...
Grug: [from afar] Get out of the way!
Thunk: Wow. You sound just like him.

Ugga: Grug, what's that on your head?
Gran: [muttering] It's called desperation.

Grug: We're going tooooo... That mountain. Don't ask me why, just a hunch, just feels right.
Ugga: Grug, we've never walked that far!
Thunk: I don't think my feet can go that far.
Gran: I'll never live long enough to get there.
Grug: [grinning at Gran's declare] Lets do it!