Sammy Cacciatore
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Sammy Cacciatore (Character)
from "Blue Mountain State" (2010)

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"Blue Mountain State: The Fingering (#2.2)" (2010)
BMS Cheerleader #1 - Kate: Sammy, we would love it if you showered with us.
Sammy Cacciatore: Again?

Thad Castle: He was using you, mascot.
Sammy Cacciatore: Yeah? Well at least he knows my name. So who's using who?
Thad Castle: Hey, I know your name, but saying isn't what's important right now.

Thad Castle: Enough! We have a game in two hours. We've got the entire team in a pile. Everyone's got a motive for touching my asshole. Guys hands are smelling like shit. Mascot's got the homeless guy.
Sammy Cacciatore: [Gestures to self] Sammy.
Thad Castle: [Screeching] And now you're telling me the coaches could be involved? This goes way deeper than my asshole.

"Blue Mountain State: Drug Olympics (#1.6)" (2010)
Sammy Cacciatore: I wish I could rip my arms off and give them to you so you can call me sometime.
Monica: My phone voice-dials.
Sammy Cacciatore: Even better!

"Blue Mountain State: Midterms (#1.9)" (2010)
Doctor: Are you at least having sex with these women?
Sammy Cacciatore: No.