Betsy Garth
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Betsy Garth (Character)
from "The Virginian" (1962)

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"The Virginian: First to Thine Own Self (#2.20)" (1964)
Randy Benton: I haven't said you could go yet.
Betsy Garth: And just how are you going to stop me? Oh, of course you could kill me. That is, if you were a killer, but... since you're not I guess you're just going to have to trust me. Funny, isn't it, Randy... you're finally going to have to trust somebody.

"The Virginian: The Intruders (#2.23)" (1964)
Betsy Garth: How you feeling?
Randy Benton: Like I just had my toe broke by a horseshoe.
Betsy Garth: Well, I hope you didn't think he did that on purpose.
Randy Benton: [sarcastically] Oh, 'course not; if he'd been aiming at me I'd been safe.

"The Virginian: A Father for Toby (#3.8)" (1964)
Betsy Garth: How come you weren't at the dance the other night?
The Virginian: I had a lot of paperwork to catch up on. Did you have a good time?
Betsy Garth: Fine. Got the bruises on my feet to prove it.
The Virginian: Dancing with Randy again, eh? Outside of that, anything special happen?
Betsy Garth: Oh, Trampas met a new girl.
The Virginian: I said did anything *special* happen.