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Quotes for
Megan (Character)
from Blown Away (1993) (TV)

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Blown Away (1993) (TV)
Megan: Listen, there's this party tonight.
Rich: Sweet 16?
Megan: Does this look like the body of a 16-year-old?
Rich: I have plans.
Megan: Well change 'em.

Megan: I guess I'm really fucked up, huh?

Megan: Talking isn't my best sport.

Megan: I want to feel you inside me, right now!

[Wes has a gun on Megan]
Megan: What are you gonna do to me?
Wes: I don't know. What *should* I do to a lying, murdering *bitch* like you?
Wes: Why don't we start by having you take your clothes off?

Megan: [to Rich, worried about his performance after sex] Don't worry, it was good, but...
[cigarette in hand]
Megan: Great sex is when you love someone so much, it's like you're addicted to the strongest drug in the world.

Cy: [upon learning that daughter's boyfriend works at his ski resort] I assume you're doing a good job?
Rich: Yes, Sir, I am! Trying to save up enough money to go to college. The pay isn't that good...
Cy: Yeah, but the fringe benefits are pretty good though, aren't they?
Rich: [winks at Megan] Yes, Sir, they are.
Cy: [softly] Do they include my daughter?
Megan: [shocked] Dad!
Rich: [unsure] Sir?
Cy: I'm only kidding, honey. Rich knew I was joking, didn't you?
Rich: [uneasily] Absolutely.

Megan: Rip It.