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Quotes for
Mama Ronzoni (Character)
from Grown Ups (2010)

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Grown Ups (2010)
Mama Ronzoni: Deanne, you should have married that Italian guy like I told you.
Deanne McKenzie: Yeah and if I did, you'd be the one who's pregnant right now.
Mama Ronzoni: You're probably right. I'll butt out now.

Deanne McKenzie: Since when did you learn to speak Chinese?
Kurt McKenzie: Just a little something I picked up watching a Chinese cooking show.
Deanne McKenzie: That's great. Maybe you should focus a little less on the talking, and a little more of the cooking.
Mama Ronzoni: [laughs] You got told.
Kurt McKenzie: You got toe.

Mama Ronzoni: [farts] Curly. Shame on you. That crazy dog. Must have got into some of my leftover pasta fasul.
Deanne McKenzie: Yes, Mama, I'm sure that's exactly what happened.
Mama Ronzoni: It did. We should get a dog.
Deanne McKenzie: Heh. We need to get a water buffalo. Whoo!

Gloria: I am older than anyone here.
Mama Ronzoni: Hell Yeah.