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Quotes for
Sadie (Character)
from Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2007)

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Itty Bitty Titty Committee (2007)
Sadie: You do realize that Calvin's a girl?
Shuli: And? I want to see if she will come to Sacramento with us.
Anna: [sarcastic] This isn't a dating service, you know.
Sadie: Sorry, Shuli. Last time anyone checked, you liked men.
Shuli: Who said I didn't? Jesus, you dykes are such closed-minded bitches.

Anna: I thought you said this was a girl's group.
Sadie: It is. Aggie gets a free pass for being born with a clit.
Shuli: Hey! He's not in a fucking circus, you can stop gawking at him.
Shuli: Sorry, I didn't mean to look at you.
Aggie: It's OK, I'm used to it.
Sadie: Aggie's a tough one. Not everyone's got the balls to take it.
Shuli: No pun intended, of course.

Sadie: Look, I may have my problems, but I would never go behind your back and fuck one of your best friends, Ana!
Anna: Sadie!
Sadie: That is low!
Anna: I'm sorry!
Sadie: I don't want to see you again! EVER! Don't follow me!
Anna: Sadie, please!
Sadie: Put some fucking clothes on!

Sadie: Meat's an amazing artist.
Anna: What are you making?
Shuli: If it were any of your business, you'd know.