Roy Miller
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Roy Miller (Character)
from Knight and Day (2010)

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Knight and Day (2010)
Roy Miller: Nobody follow us or I kill myself and then her!

Roy Miller: [from trailer] On the count of 3. Ready? 1...
[June runs around madly while she is shot at wildly]
June Havens: Sorry! I panicked!
Roy Miller: What number would you like?
June Havens: Three. Yeah, let's just stick with three. It's good.
Roy Miller: Okay...

Roy Miller: [from trailer] Some people are gonna come looking for you now.
June Havens: Why?
Roy Miller: They'll tell you I'm mentally unstable and violent and dangerous and it will all sound very convincing.
June Havens: I'm already convinced.

Roy Miller: [from trailer] June, I think I'd get down now.

June Havens: The pilots are dead?
Roy Miller: Shot.
June Havens: Shot... By who?
Roy Miller: Uh, me. Actually, I shot the first pilot... he shot the second pilot accidentally. It's just... one of those things.

Roy Miller: Someday. That's a dangerous word. It's really just a code for 'never'.

Roy Miller: [speaking to June] By the way, your timing on the door... sublime...

June Havens: [whispering to Rodney] He's the guy!
Rodney: [addressing Milner] I'm sorry. Who are you again?
June Havens: [whispering to Rodney louder] He's the guy!
Roy Miller: I'm the guy.
Rodney: You're the guy?
Roy Miller: I'm the guy!

Roy Miller: What day is it today?
June Havens: It's "someday"!

Roy Miller: [about June's flight bump] Sometimes things happen for a reason.

[repeated line]
Roy Miller: That's a beautiful dress.

[repeated line]
Roy Miller: You've got skills.

Roy Miller: I've been trained to dismantle a bomb in the pitch black with nothing but a safety pin and a Junior Mint, I think I can get you in and out of some clothes without... looking. I'm not saying that's what I did.

Roy Miller: I think a lot about things I haven't done. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef; ride the Orient Express; live on the Amalfi Coast with nothing but a motorcycle and a backpack; kiss a stranger on the balcony of the Hotel Du Cap.