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Potemkin (Character)
from Catherine the Great (2005) (TV)

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Great Catherine (1968)
Potemkin: Is true. The English despise men who are half drunk. I must make myself completely drunk.

Capt. Charles Edstaston: I must allow myself to say, ma'am, that your uncle had better not attempt to kick an Englishman downstairs.
Potemkin: You want me to kick you upstairs?

Potemkin: Young man. It is not better to be drunk than sober. But it is happier.

Potemkin: You have no hearts, you English! Heart! Heart!
[slaps the right side of his chest]
Capt. Charles Edstaston: Pardon, your highness. Your heart is on the other side.
[... ]
Potemkin: Darling! A true Russian has a heart on both sides!

Potemkin: Have you had a college education, darling? I have.
Capt. Charles Edstaston: Certainly. I am a bachelor of arts.
Potemkin: Once she know you are a bachelor, Catherine will supply the arts.

Potemkin: In Russia, a gentleman has no scruples. In Russia we face facts.
Capt. Charles Edstaston: In England a gentleman never faces any facts if they are unpleasant.

Potemkin: Why not merely get rid of him? Send him to Siberia!
Catherine: Don't be stupid, Potemkin. He's English. He would have the place colonized within a year.

[last lines]
Catherine: If I could only have had him for my... for my...
Potemkin: For your lover?
Potemkin: No. For my museum.

Potemkin: Varinka, go look through keyhole in imperial bedchamber and bring back word whether empress is awake yet.
Varinka: I do not look through keyholes.
Varinka: You have been badly brought up, my little darling. Would any lady or gentleman walk into a room unannounced without first looking through keyhole?

Catherine the Great (1996) (TV)
Catherine: I was just thinking of a line from our favorite poet.
Potemkin: How like you. Which one?
Catherine: Nunc scio quid sit amor.
Potemkin: [smiles and translates] Now I know what love is.

Catherine: I can only assume you don't understand the position you're refusing.
Potemkin: Stallion-in-chief to her Imperial Highness? Emperor of the Night?
[she slaps his face]