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Sgt. Clayton 'Zeke' Anderson (Character)
from "Tour of Duty" (1987)

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"Tour of Duty: USO Down (#1.13)" (1988)
Pvt. Marcus Taylor: [Bravo company is taking abreak while out in the bush on patrol. Taylor is cleaning his feet] Man, my whole body turnin' into one big fungus - my 'hind, my knees, my armpits, my crotch. Stuff's still spreading, gonna turn me all green.
SP4 Marvin Johnson: Well look at it like this, Marcus, at least there's less prejudice against green people back in the world.
Pvt. Marcus Taylor: Man, I got 45 days and a wake up. I can't go home, my skin flakin' off me, smelling like I been dead for two weeks!
SP4 Marvin Johnson: Ain't anybody gonna know you anyway.
Pvt. Marcus Taylor: [Scoffs] Those girls back home dying there wanting for me. Coz I'm the trash talker, the woman stalker, the booty shaker and the baby maker.
Sgt. Clayton 'Zeke' Anderson: [Johnson rolls his eyes; Zeke walks over and sits behind Taylor] Well now, well now, just makes my heart leap with joy to hear another poet celebrating another morning in the bush.
Pvt. Marcus Taylor: Glad somebody's happy.
Sgt. Clayton 'Zeke' Anderson: Well, tell you what Taylor - I'm cold, I'm wet, I'm hungry, I'm tried, dirty and I stink! That's everything a good rifleman lives for, hey Johnson...
[Johnson smiles]
Pvt. Marcus Taylor: You forgot ugly...
Sgt. Clayton 'Zeke' Anderson: Zeke: No I didn't
[grins mischievously]
Sgt. Clayton 'Zeke' Anderson: [Taylor turns his head to Zeke and looks worried; Johnson laughs] Zeke: You guys ready to move your tails down the trail?... Zeke: Since you're so glib all this morning, I'm gonna let you take point.