Violet Trimble
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Violet Trimble (Character)
from "Drive" (2007)

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"Drive: Unaired Pilot (#1.0)" (????)
John Ashton: Violet, sit up, you're missing the sights.
Violet Ashton: Oh, look, a palm tree. Are we in San Diego yet? Because it looks exactly the same.

Sean Salazar: [whistles] Chiquita! Chiquita!
Violet Ashton: Whatever.

Violet Ashton: The Jupiter Lighthouse, completed July of 1860. 115-foot-tall red brick tower. The eye at the Jupiter inlet.
John Ashton: I'm amazed. I'm impressed. I'm amazed and impressed.
Violet Ashton: It didn't exactly take a rocket scientist.
John Ashton: I am a rocket scientist.
Violet Ashton: I know... I was being ironic.

"Drive: Let the Games Begin (#1.3)" (2007)
Violet Ashton: Every time I try to push this thing to ninety, it shakes so much I start to think about birth control.