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Quotes for
Det. Roger Mortis (Character)
from Dead Heat (1988)

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Dead Heat (1988)
Randi James: Hey, you're hurt.
Det. Roger Mortis: Lady, I'm fucking dead.

Det. Roger Mortis: [to Rebecca] The most important thing for me to do right now is to nail whoever did this to me. You understand that, don't you?
Det. Doug Bigelow: Personally rip his heart out with my bare hands, Roger. Hold the heart in the palm of my hand and we'll watch it stops beating together.
Det. Roger Mortis: That's nice, Doug, but let's find him first.

Det. Roger Mortis: That's okay. Don't get up.
Dr. Ernest McNab: Get him, get him, get him!
[Mr. Thule gets into a gunfight with Roger but dies]
Det. Roger Mortis: I told you not to get up.

Det. Roger Mortis: You know, the weird thing is, I feel fine. I feel like I could run in the Boston Marathon.
Det. Doug Bigelow: Hey, no, you couldn't, Roger. It's not opened to dead people.
Det. Roger Mortis: You think they'd check?
Det. Doug Bigelow: Oh, they're very strict now.

Det. Doug Bigelow: So what color did you get?
Det. Roger Mortis: [looks at lipstick] Uh, mulberry wine.
Det. Doug Bigelow: That's a good choice.
Det. Doug Bigelow: [effeminately] Brings out your eyes.

Det. Doug Bigelow: Roger, you were underwater in that Jacuzzi for five straight minutes.
Det. Roger Mortis: That's right, I was.
Det. Doug Bigelow: Can you teach my girlfriend how to do that?

[a reanimated cow walks out of the freezer]
Det. Roger Mortis: How do you fight this thing?
Det. Doug Bigelow: Maybe you can drown it in A1 sauce.

Det. Doug Bigelow: You remember when we were in training? They always told us, "You can't be a good cop if you're a dead cop." Here's your chance to prove them wrong. You're good and you're dead.
Det. Roger Mortis: I'm good and I'm dead.

Det. Roger Mortis: You're dead, McNab. You're even deader than I am.

Det. Roger Mortis: Doug, you're alive.
Dr. Ernest McNab: He can't understand a word you've said, Roger. He's been brain-dead too long, which means he's mindless and totally obedient. Kill this guy, would you?
Det. Doug Bigelow: Kill this guy, would you?

Det. Roger Mortis: Hi, Doug. Welcome to Zombieland.

Det. Doug Bigelow: Roger, he said I should... He said I should hurt you. But I'm gonna hurt him.
Det. Roger Mortis: Kill that guy, would you?