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Mrs. Hawthorn (Character)
from Hindle Wakes (1976) (TV)

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Holiday Week (1952)
Chris Hawthorn: What do you think could have happened to her?
Mrs. Hawthorn: Why, it's staring you in the face! She's gone off with a chap, that's what.
Chris Hawthorn: I don't believe it. Our Jenny would never do a thing like that.
Mrs. Hawthorn: Trust you to stick up for her. Well, what else can it mean?
Chris Hawthorn: I don't know. Perhaps she's been kidnapped or something. Maybe I ought to go to the police.
Mrs. Hawthorn: You'll do no such thing. Isn't it enough for you that she's disgraced us, without telling the whole of Hindle?
Chris Hawthorn: We've no proof that she has.
Mrs. Hawthorn: Kidnapped indeed! She put yesterday's date on the card, the sly, artful little... oh, I tell you she's gone off with a chap. And it's you who're to blame Chris Hawthorn, for never having taken a stick to her!

Mrs. Hawthorn: Sit down man, you'll gain nothing wearing out the carpet!

Chris Hawthorn: We'll talk of this again in the morning. Go to your room now, Jenny.
Jenny Hawthorn: Yes, father.
Mrs. Hawthorn: Call yourself a man? If it had been me, my father would have taken a stick to me!
Chris Hawthorn: A stick won't take back what she's done.