Antoine Richis
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Antoine Richis (Character)
from Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)

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Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006)
Antoine Richis: [to his daughter] Last night I dreamt you were dead.

Antoine Richis: [to his daughter] Whatever his insane scheme is... it will surely be incomplete without you

Laura Richis: Papa, what's the matter?
Antoine Richis: We're going home. Now.
Laura Richis: But why? I'm enjoying myself.
Antoine Richis: Don't argue with me, Laura!
[he starts to drag Laura away]
Laura Richis: Stop it! I'm grown up!
[Antoine slaps her. She runs away from him]
Antoine Richis: [chasing after her] Laura! Laura!

Antoine Richis: Forgive me... my son.

Antoine Richis: Why did you kill my daughter?
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille: I just needed her.
Antoine Richis: Very well, but remember this... I'll be looking at you when you're laid on the cross and the twelve blows are crashing down on your limbs. When the crowd is finally tired of your screams and wandered home, I will climb up through your blood and sit beside you. I will look deep into your eyes... and drop by drop I will trickle my disgust into them like burning acid until... finally... you perish.

Councillor 3: This man is a demon! A phantom, who cannot be fought by human means! Now I insist that we call upon our Bishop to excommunicate him!
Antoine Richis: What good would that do?
Councillor 1: [horrified] Have you no faith in the power of our holy mother Church?
[Cut to a nun being murdered]