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Ranger Jace Pearson (Character)
from "Tales of the Texas Rangers" (1955)

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"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Jace and Clay (#3.10)" (1958)
[Jace comes to after being slugged by Tucker, who had offered him a cup of coffee]
Ranger Jace Pearson: Pretty strong coffee
Tucker: Not strong enough.
[Tucker pulls his gun]

[Clay has just rescued Jace]
Ranger Jace Pearson: Say, how'd you happen to come along just then.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Well, it's that old curiosity of mine - whenever I hear shots, I just have to find out where they come from. It's an old habit I picked up in the army.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Army man?
Ranger Clay Morgan: No, no - ex-army man. Discharged and made a civilian several months ago.

[last lines]
Sheriff: You and keep that Deputy's badge as long as you want.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Well, thanks anyway, Sheriff, but I understand the Texas Rangers are looking for men. I'd kinda like to wear their badge.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Clay, what made you change your mind?
Ranger Clay Morgan: Well, I figure if we both want to keep on living...
Ranger Clay Morgan, Ranger Jace Pearson: ...we'd better stick together!

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Carnival Criss-Cross (#1.2)" (1955)
Ranger Clay Morgan: How 'bout having supper with us next Sunday?
Ranger Jace Pearson: There's nothing I'd like better - if you promise me your good wife, Betty, won't try to marry me off again.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Well, well, what do you know? Jace Pearson, fourth-generation Texas Ranger - 'fraid of nothin'... except women.

[last lines]
Ranger Clay Morgan: [reading a telegram] You know, Betty sure has a great sense of humor. Listen to this: "Susie Ann sends a big hug and a kiss to her Uncle Jace and so does Junior, but tell that big lug that he'll never see them again unless he has supper with us on Sunday. I've invited Jo over and you know what a wonderful person Jo is."
Ranger Jace Pearson: Well, I guess Betty is tired of trying to marry me off. Tell her I'll be there. Hey, this Joe - who's he?
Ranger Clay Morgan: He's a she.
Ranger Jace Pearson: What?
Ranger Clay Morgan: Yeah, Jo - short for Josephine.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Oh, no!
Ranger Clay Morgan: Oh, yeah! Well, what do you say now?
Ranger Jace Pearson: What can I say? I'm trapped.
[both laugh]

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Return of the Rough Riders (#1.14)" (1955)
Captain: ...And it wouldn't surprise me a bit if you both got a special commendation from Congress and the Secretary of Defense.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Well, if it's all the same, tell 'em to skip mine.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Now who's kidding.
Ranger Clay Morgan: No, I mean it! Look, if we do get 'em, they gotta be framed; if they're framed, they gotta be hung; if they're hung, they gotta be dusted... I hate to admit it, but my wife makes me do all the dusting.

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: The Steel Trap (#3.7)" (1958)
[watching a building burn to the ground]
Ranger Clay Morgan: Yours again?
Burt Wilson: You know it. What are you guys doing about finding Elroy Collins?
Ranger Jace Pearson: Everything we can. He's vanished into thin air.
Burt Wilson: Oh, that's nice. Another one of our buildings is just vanishing into thin air.

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Kickback (#3.11)" (1958)
[first lines]
Janet Carr: Well, just so we won't ever forget what you did, we're naming our first offspring Clay Jason Carr.
Jack Carr: If that's all right with you.
Ranger Jace Pearson: That's the nicest thing that's happened to us all year, isn't it, Clay.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Sure, except... well, we're all flattered and everything like that, but wouldn't it be a little hard to live with if *he* turned out to be a little girl?
Jack Carr: Come to think of it, we never gave that any consideration.
Janet Carr: Who didn't? I believe in big families.

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Uranium Pete (#1.6)" (1955)
[two bank robbers have stolen a teenager's hot rod]
Teenager: Gee, you just gotta get my car back, Rangers, you gotta!
Ranger Jace Pearson: Take it easy, son. We'll do what we can.
Teenager: You don't understand! I've got a lot of money in it.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Right now, son, there's about thirty thousand dollars in it - all stolen.

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Double Reward (#2.13)" (1957)
[Jace has doubts about Pete Diamond's guilt]
Ranger Jace Pearson: Say, Sheriff, would you mind staying here with your prisoner? Clay and I would like to go out for an hour or so.
Sheriff Barnes: Well, a badge and a soft heart don't always mix well together, Jace.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Neither does a badge and a soft head.

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: The Atomic Trail (#1.13)" (1955)
[the rangers discover Terry has stowed away in their horse fan despite Clay's use of 'psychology' on the boy]
Ranger Clay Morgan: I thought I had him all figured out.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Well, I'll check the tracks and you get the horses out. Oh, that's one thing I know you can handle - animals!

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Texas Flyer (#3.9)" (1958)
Ranger Clay Morgan: Jace, I suppose rustlin's about the most common crime in Texas.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Yeah, but not fifty at a crack.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Why the whole herd just seemed to drop into the earth.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Yeah, well, where their are horses, there's got to be feed.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Awful lot of grass in Texas.
Ranger Jace Pearson: An awful lot of Texas. That's why we gotta keep moving.

"Tales of the Texas Rangers: Horseman on the Sierras (#1.21)" (1956)
[Jace and Clay smell oil seeping into a pond]
Ranger Jace Pearson: That's oil, all right.
Ranger Clay Morgan: Brady could be our man.
Ranger Jace Pearson: Men have been killed for less than that. All we need now is proof.
[Brady and his henchman open fire on the rangers]
Ranger Clay Morgan: There's your proof.