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DSU Rose Teller (Character)
from "Luther" (2010)

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"Luther: Episode #1.1" (2010)
DSU Rose Teller: So where's the gun? Where's the gun?
DCI John Luther: I don't know
DSU Rose Teller: Play that again. That was special

DSU Rose Teller: You and Zoe: You spoken?
DCI John Luther: No, not for a while.
DSU Rose Teller: And?
DCI John Luther: It was a trial separation. I tried it... didn't like it.

DSU Rose Teller: Well, that's the difference between her and me. She talks about taking you back, I actually do it.

DCI John Luther: [after Teller tells him here's-how-it's-going-to-be] Is that the speech?
DSU Rose Teller: That's the speech
DCI John Luther: 's a good speech
DSU Rose Teller: Thank you. It's one I prepared earlier

"Luther: Episode #1.5" (2010)
DSU Rose Teller: So, they won't give us what we want. We can't give them what they want.
DCI John Luther: No. Can't give it to them, but we can lend it to 'em.
DSU Rose Teller: Meaning?
DCI John Luther: Let's visit the evidence safe.
DSU Rose Teller: Don't wanna hear it.
DCI John Luther: Boss, these are very special circumstances; same rules do not apply.
DSU Rose Teller: Chain of evidence is like the ten commandments: it applies unto time and all eternal. Anything in the evidence safe is sacrosanct; we tamper, we risk voiding active cases.
DCI John Luther: Only if we get found out.
DSU Rose Teller: Am I actually having this conversation? Are you actually saying this to me?

DSU Rose Teller: The evidence won't leave our sight for a second?
DCI John Luther: We'll get it back.
DSU Rose Teller: We'd better, 'cause right this second, I'm peddling thin air like Wiley Coyote.

DSU Rose Teller: [rushing by Zoe] How are you? Good. Nice to see ya. Bye-bye then.

"Luther: Episode #1.4" (2010)
DSU Rose Teller: Want to know the real tragedy about marriage?
DCI John Luther: No, thanks.
DSU Rose Teller: Women always think men will change, but they don't. Men think women won't change, but they do.