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Kevin (Character)
from Up in the Air (2009/I)

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Up in the Air (2009/I)
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] Get me in a Dodge Stratus in Kansas City
Kevin: [Over the phone] They're completely out of full size Sedans
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] Did you try...?
Kevin: [Over the phone] Yes I reminded them of your remarkable number one gold club status for years in the program they are literally moving mountains to see who has the next available one
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] Fair enough, any other messages?
Kevin: [Over the phone] Your sister Kara called needs to speak urgently about your sister's wedding I told them you were in the air and even I didn't know your destination
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] Well done
Kevin: [Over the phone] And you got an invitation to speak at Gold Quest in Vegas
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] Gold Quest twenty?
Kevin: [Looking at the invitation while still on the phone] It's got a hologram on it their calling it Dos Equis
Craig Gregory: [Over the phone] I wish I could have you in about five places at once but I do need you back in Omaha by the end of the week.
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] I thought you needed me everywhere
Craig Gregory: [Over the phone] We got something real big here a real "game changer"
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] What are we talking about?
Craig Gregory: [Over the phone] You'll see, today I took my first crap in two weeks hallelujah.
Ryan Bingham: [Over the phone] That's me hanging up on you
Craig Gregory: [Over the phone] Great, I love that sound