Randy Benton
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Randy Benton (Character)
from "The Virginian" (1962)

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"The Virginian: First to Thine Own Self (#2.20)" (1964)
Randy Benton: [to Betsy] Gol-darn you, you gol-darn girl!

Randy Benton: I haven't said you could go yet.
Betsy Garth: And just how are you going to stop me? Oh, of course you could kill me. That is, if you were a killer, but... since you're not I guess you're just going to have to trust me. Funny, isn't it, Randy... you're finally going to have to trust somebody.

"The Virginian: The Intruders (#2.23)" (1964)
Betsy Garth: How you feeling?
Randy Benton: Like I just had my toe broke by a horseshoe.
Betsy Garth: Well, I hope you didn't think he did that on purpose.
Randy Benton: [sarcastically] Oh, 'course not; if he'd been aiming at me I'd been safe.

Eddie Tighe: What do you think they're gonna do to us all?
Randy Benton: It don't matter what I think; there's nothing we can do about it now. We had our chance.
Eddie Tighe: Look, I told you I was sorry about that.
Randy Benton: Well, sorry don't get the hay in, buddy.

"The Virginian: The Long Quest (#2.27)" (1964)
Randy Benton: Hey, how about buying me a drink?
The Virginian: Sure! Danny, give him a sarsaparilla.
Danny: Coming up.
Randy Benton: Well, I do a growed man's work, I think I ought to get a growed man's drink.
The Virginian: When you've 'growed' enough to put me down on the floor, there'll be time enough for whisky.

"The Virginian: The Stallion (#3.3)" (1964)
Randy Benton: You wouldn't be wanting to sell him, would you? I'd go as high as ten dollars.
Slaughter: Sonny, that horse is worth ten or fifteen dollars a day.
Trampas: What does he do, print money?

"The Virginian: The Hero (#3.4)" (1964)
Randy Benton: [holding out Trampas' shirt] It shrunk.
Trampas: Huh?
[looking it over]
Trampas: Well then, it just ought to about fit you.
Randy Benton: Well, no thanks. I don't want a shirt that's made out of such cheap material that it shrinks up every time a man gets knocked in the river.
Trampas: I didn't get knocked in. I dove.
Randy Benton: Well, then you were darn foolish not to take your shirt off first.