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Big Mac (Character)
from I Died a Thousand Times (1955)

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High Sierra (1941)
Big Mac: Times have sure changed.
Roy Earle: Yeah, ain't they? You know, Mac, sometimes I feel like I don't know what it's all about anymore.

Big Mac: [reading a newspaper in bed not realizing it's Roy and not 'Doc' Banton coming in] I got a swell parley for you tomorrow, 'Doc'.
Roy Earle: Still a sucker for the ponies eh?
Big Mac: [surprised] Hello Roy, old-timer!
Roy Earle: Hello Mac.
Big Mac: You're a sight for sore eyes.
Roy Earle: Yeah, I am sure glad to see you, too. Thanks for the spring. I was just getting ready for another crash-out. What's the matter, Mac?
Big Mac: I don't know. I can't eat. Just not hungry and I can't sleep. 'Doc' Banton says it's my past life catching up with me.
Roy Earle: 'Doc' Banton, is he out here now?
Big Mac: Yeah, I was expecting him when you came in. He's running one those health services under a phoney name. Help yourself to a drink. Well Roy, how does it look and what do you say?
Roy Earle: I can't see nothing wrong with it. If the boys don't blow up on me, it's a cinch. But Mac, it's gonna make an awful big noise in the newspaper.
Big Mac: Well, that's your headache, not mine. The jewlery that's all I'm interested in. look my friend, once you get your mitts on it, keep your mitts on it. Deliver it right here. If you're hot, telephone. This caper means a lot to me. i spent a pile of dough setting it up and I'm in deep. So don't let me down Roy.
Roy Earle: I never let nobody down, Mac. You know that.
Big Mac: Oh I know, I know. But I've been dealing with such a lot of screwballs lately, young twerps, soda-jerks and jitterbugs. Why it's a relief to talk to a guy like you. Yeah... all the A-1 guys are gone. Dead or in Alcatraz. If I only had four guys like you Roy... this knock-off would be a waltz. Yup... times have sure changed.

'Doc' Banton: He's on a bad way, Old Mac. Bum ticker, kidney's on the blink, bad stomach, like a kid's toy that's running down. I try to keeping him from drinking but there's no stopping Old Mac. he'll go on doing just as he always has done. Well, maybe he's right. Well, good night Roy.
Roy Earle: Good night 'Doc'.
[goes back in Big mac's bedroom]
Big Mac: Roy.
[points at the bottles of liquor]
Roy Earle: I don't know, Mac, the 'Doc'...
Big Mac: Yeah, I do know.
[takes a drinks]
Big Mac: Yeah, now I feel better.
[finishes writing a letter and puts in a envelope]
Big Mac: That's the works. Now, if anything should happen to me, read the letter and you'll know what to do. As the 'Doc' told you... if I don't lay off the booze, it's gonna knock me off. But I'm gonna die anyhow. So are you. So are we all.
[serves himself and Roy a couple of drinks]
Roy Earle: To your health Mac...

I Died a Thousand Times (1955)
Big Mac: [Pouring a drink] It's like the doc says... if i don't lay off this stuff, it's gonna knock ME off, but I'm gonna die anyway.
Big Mac: So are you.
Big Mac: So what? Nobody ever left this world alive.
[Holding up his glass]
Big Mac: To you, Roy!