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Morrison (Character)
from Heaven's Gate (1980)

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Braveheart (1995)
[Lord Bottoms had claimed the right of Prima Nocte and raped Morrison's bride on the first night of their marriage]
Morrison: Do you remember me?
Lord Bottoms: [scared] I never did her any harm. It was my right!
Morrison: Your right? Well, I'm here to claim the right of a husband!
[kills Lord Bottoms]

William Wallace: [after being outthrown] That's a good throw.
Hamish: Aye. Aye, it was.
William Wallace: I was wondering if you could do that when it matters.
[Hamish stares at him]
William Wallace: As it - as it matters in battle.
[Hamish continues staring]
William Wallace: Could you crush a man with that throw?
Hamish: I could crush you, like a worm.
Crowd: Oooohhh!
William Wallace: You could?
Hamish: Aye.
William Wallace: Well, then do it.
[to the crowd]
William Wallace: Would you like to see him crush me like a worm?
[the crowd cheers]
Murron: Aye!
William Wallace: [picks up a small stone] Come do it.
Hamish: You'll move.
William Wallace: I will not.
Hamish: Right.
Campbell: He'll move.
Morrison: Come on, Hamish!
Campbell: Come on there, boy!
[Hamish throws the stone but misses the unflinching Wallace]
Campbell: [pointing at Wallace] Well done!
[Wallace throws his stone hitting Hamish's head]
Hamish: Ah!
Crowd: Oooh!
Campbell: Fine display, young Wallace!