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Quotes for
Cheyenne (Character)
from This Must Be the Place (2011)

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This Must Be the Place (2011)
Jane: You come back to me soon. You know, I can't live without you.
Cheyenne: That's not true, but it's kind of you to say.

Cheyenne: It's not a question of being careful, it's a question of knowing how to play ping-pong.

Cheyenne: At this particular moment I'm trying to fix up a sad boy and a sad girl, but it's not easy. I suspect that sadness is not compatible with sadness.

Cheyenne: Have you noticed how nobody works anymore and everybody does something artistic?

Cheyenne: What do you call yourselves?
Steven: The Pieces of Shit.
Cheyenne: That's a really good choice.
Steven: You're fuckin' right it is, yeah! It took us 6 months to come up with it, besides it's exactly the right name for this moment in history.

Desmond: Why isn't there any water in your pool?
Cheyenne: I don't know... No one ever filled it.

Rachel: No shit! Now I remember you. You sang with Mick Jagger once.
Cheyenne: I know him. He's a good singer, I like the way he dances.
Rachel: Listen your cheeseburger is a bit too well done. You don't mind do ya? Unfortunately, that's life!
Cheyenne: You know what the problem is... Rachel?
Rachel: What?
Cheyenne: Without realizing it, we go from an age where we say: "My life will be that" to an age where we say: "That's life."

Cheyenne: Now that I realize it, it's too late.
Rachel: It's better late than never.
Cheyenne: That's not true. Late is late.

Jeffery: That bitch Melanie dumped me.
Cheyenne: How long were you together?
Jeffery: Four days.
Cheyenne: Are you suffering?
Jeffery: Like the last panda standing.

Cheyenne: How do you manage to get all these women? If you think about it, you are not handsome. You are not smart. Instead you're evasive and egocentric. And you sweat like a pig. So what makes you so fucking special?
Jeffery: Special? No, no. Nothing. But I've got two things that most other men don't have. I've got curiosity and time, you see. you see? So I dedicate a whole lot of time to women, you know, and in the end that will seduce them.

Cheyenne: Jane, can I ask you something?
Jane: Naturally. What?
Cheyenne: Why did you let that architect write "cuisine" on the kitchen wall? It's silly. I know what the kitchen is.

Cheyenne: Even though we haven't seen each other for all these years, I still can't believe you consider me a friend.
David Byrne: Why is that?
Cheyenne: Because we haven't the slightest thing in common. You have such foresight thoughts, ideas that you turn into reality, and you amaze people with your ideas. And they call you the most extraordinary thing and artist and they're right. David Byrne is an artist.
David Byrne: You were too when you were performing.
Cheyenne: The fuck I was, David! The fuck I was! I was a fucking pop star! I used to write dreary songs because they were all the rage and made tones of money. Depressed songs for depressed kids. And two of them, more fragile than the rest, ended up doing themselves in as a result of it. And now I go to a cemetery once a week to appease my guilt, and it doesn't make it better. It makes it fucking worse. And then my wife asks me why I don't play anymore and I think she must be a fool because she just loves me very much, which makes her more of a fool because she doesn't know what a disaster her husband is. And that's it, David! That's it!

Cheyenne: I have some materials that maybe of service in capturing a Nazi war criminal named Aloise Lange.
Mordecai Midler: Teeth! I am interested in teeth, my dear boy!

Mordecai Midler: You really take after your father. You both are rather pedantic.
Cheyenne: My instinct tells me that pedantry is an essential characteristic for capturing Nazis.

Mordecai Midler: You know about the Holocaust?
Cheyenne: In a general sort of way.
Mordecai Midler: And your father? Did you know your father?
Cheyenne: In a general sort of way.

Young Adult Playing Ping Pong: That's not fair. I was distracted.
Cheyenne: This is a common problem with all the youth - distraction. Don't forget to leave a tip.

Cheyenne: I can't explain why I didn't talk to my father for 30 years. I must have thought that there was a mutual contempt. When I was 15, I decided that he didn't love me because I made up my eyes exactly as I do now. When you're a kid, it's very hard to back off from your decisions. But I pretended to be a kid for too long. And only now that I realize that a father can help and love his child, that I have no kids makes me really, really sick.

Rachel: There is an air force base nearby. A lot of military live here. We also have the biggest pistachio in the world here. It's a sculpture. It's even in the Guinness Book of Records.
Cheyenne: And the littlest one, where is that?

Cheyenne: What do you want me to play?
Rachel's Son: "This Must Be The Place" by Arcade Fire.
Cheyenne: Nonsense. "This Must Be The Place" is by the Talking Heads.
Rachel's Son: No, it's by Arcade Fire.
Cheyenne: Trust me, you're delusional.

Cheyenne: I'm not trying to find myself. I'm in New Mexico, not India.

Mordecai Midler: Hey Cheyenne, can you give me a hand? This door - Goddammit, I think it's jammed.
Cheyenne: Are you kidding?
Mordecai Midler: No, no. The fucking thing won't open. Alright, do me a favor. Call the guy at the reception desk. He's got a master key.
Cheyenne: No fucking way. A detective like you who's flushed out thousands of Nazi criminals, and you can't manage to get yourself out of the john?