Daphne Powell
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Daphne Powell (Character)
from "No Ordinary Family" (2010)

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"No Ordinary Family: Pilot (#1.1)" (2010)
Jim Powell: When was the last time we did something together as a family?
Daphne Powell: Last month. You forced us to play charades, and then you pulled out your back miming some scene from "Iron Man."
Jim Powell: That was an old sports injury I re-aggravated.

JJ Powell: Who are you texting now?
Daphne Powell: God.

Daphne Powell: Mom, we're gonna die and I haven't even done it yet!

Jim Powell: [as their plane goes down] Listen, listen! We're gonna be all right, I promise. Have I ever lied to you before?
[Daphne nods]
Jim Powell: About anything this important?
Daphne Powell: Yeah!

Lindsay: Daphne, you're back.
Daphne Powell: Yeah, just in time, too, apparently.
Lindsay: Yeah, I'm really glad that you survived the accident. Those memorial assemblies are super depressing.
Daphne Powell: I know. I remember the one we had for your virginity. What was it, like, two years ago.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Mobster (#1.7)" (2010)
Daphne Powell: Oh, J.J., how could a super-genius be so epically stupid?

Daphne Powell: This modernist art crap - how did YOU learn it all?
Jim Powell: Well, it helped not to think of it as "crap," for one thing.

J.J. Powell: This is extortion.
Daphne Powell: See? I KNEW you were a genius.

J.J. Powell: [about Katie] She's lonely.
Daphne Powell: She must be if she's spending her free time with you.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Accident (#1.8)" (2010)
J.J. Powell: I've got bigger fish not to fry.
Daphne Powell: Clearly your giant brain hasn't changed your ability to make bad puns.

J.J. Powell: I'm not gonna help you lie just so some guy will like you.
Daphne Powell: But I told him I spoke Japanese. What am I supposed to do?
J.J. Powell: I don't know, but you lied your way in. Now lie your way out.

J.J. Powell: What a waste of your powers. You're manipulating some guy into liking you, and it's not even you you're getting him to like.
Daphne Powell: Quit judging me. You've done way worse.
J.J. Powell: Maybe so, but who knows how long these powers are gonna last. And if they were to somehow end today, you have to ask yourself - did you do the best you could with them while you had the chance?

Bret Martin: So, how about before our cram session tonight we go out for some sushi? It would be nice to go with someone who appreciates it. Someone who, when I say "arigato gozaimasu," doesn't say "God bless you."
Daphne Powell: Exactly.
Bret Martin: You speak Japanese?
Daphne Powell: [nervously lying] Speak it? I'm practically fluent.
Bret Martin: [delighted] You just keep getting cooler.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Beginning (#1.20)" (2011)
Helen Burton: [pointing gun at Daphne] I'm running out of patience, J.J.
J.J. Powell: I told you everything I know! I swear!
Helen Burton: And somehow I still don't believe you.
Daphne Powell: J.J., please!
J.J. Powell: I'm sorry. I... I just can't think, okay? Stress overstimulates the hippocampus. My glucocorticoid receptors haven't been this saturated since... since the plane crash. Oh, my God. Look, I know why our powers are permanent. Please, just let my family go and I'll tell you everything you wanna know. I promise.
Helen Burton: J.J., I will. I will let them all go.
J.J. Powell: Okay, you've been mixing the trilsettum with epinephrine - synthetic adrenaline - but what you needed was real adrenaline. Now, the serum wasn't wrong, the circumstances were. Look, in moments of extreme stress, like life and death, like a plane crash, the receptors in the hippo campus are wide open, and the trilsettum can be absorbed enough for its effects to become permanent. So please...
Helen Burton: Thank you, J.J. You have been most helpful.
[hands gun over to guard]
Helen Burton: Give me ten seconds, then put a bullet in each of them.

[Power goes out]
Daphne Powell: Mm. No Internet or TV tonight.
J.J. Powell: Mm. God forbid you should pick up a book.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Proposal (#1.16)" (2011)
Stephanie Powell: We need to compile a list. There were twenty-six guests at the party. Any one of them could have taken the serum.
Daphne Powell: I think it was Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the library.

Daphne Powell: You know, sometimes I wish you'd been given super hearing instead of super strength, then maybe you'd actually listen to me every once in a while.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Powell (#1.15)" (2011)
J.J. Powell: [after Stephanie suddenly changes her mind in Daphne's favor] That is so unfair. She never changes her mind when I beg. You must be like... The Mom Whisperer or something.
Daphne Powell: Mm. Benefits of being the favorite child.
J.J. Powell: Well, you'd be the favorite sister if you can convince Natalie to change her mind about dating me.

J.J. Powell: If this locket is actually her mom's, it's a clue, a clue the police never had, and if I can figure this out, she can finally move on with her life and have some closure.
Daphne Powell: And then fall into the arms of her nerd in shining armor.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Anniversary (#1.9)" (2010)
Stephanie Powell: Just a reminder, you're gonna have to keep your powers under wraps when Mrs. Kornbluth comes to stay tomorrow.
Daphne Powell: Wait, WHAT?
J.J. Powell: Mrs. Kornbluth?
Stephanie Powell: What else did you think was gonna happen when your father and I go stay overnight at a hotel to celebrate our anniversary?
Daphne Powell: Mom, Mrs. Kornbluth is 86. We practically have to take care of HER. We can stay alone for one night. I'm old enough to supervise.
Stephanie Powell: Daphne, you're only 16.
Daphne Powell: I can operate a motor vehicle; I am perfectly capable of operating a JJ.

Daphne Powell: We are SO dead.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Vigilante (#1.4)" (2010)
Daphne Powell: What kind of male-binding experience am I being excluded from THIS time.
Jim Powell: JJ and I are going camping - a little reward for his terrific grades.
Daphne Powell: So, the reward is spending Friday night with Dad in a tent? Remind me to flunk my midterms.

J.J. Powell: You wanna know something crazy... about football?
Daphne Powell: [humoring him] Sure.
J.J. Powell: It's all math.
Daphne Powell: Yeah, tell that to the guy whose neck I can't see past in health class.
J.J. Powell: What is a football? It's a prolate spheroid, which means a simple vector analysis can be applied to formulate its predictive trajectory.
Daphne Powell: Um...
J.J. Powell: Now, I know what you're probably thinking - "Big whoop, JJ, this is nothing more than graduate-level Newtonian mechanics, which is basically just a derivation of the laws of Kepler" - but I'm telling you an ordinary differential equation supports this!

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Love (#1.17)" (2011)
[in the school lunch court]
Chris Minor: Uhhh... listen, we need to talk.
Daphne Powell: You do realize that saying "we need to talk" to your girlfriend has ominous connotations?
Chris Minor: Look, it's not about me and you, it's about you and your family.
Daphne Powell: My family?
Chris Minor: This may sound nuts, but I think your family has... abilities.
Daphne Powell: [using "the push" to push her thoughts into his head] No, we're just a normal, boring family, so how about we stop talking about this and go get something to eat?
Chris Minor: You know what? I've got a good idea. Let''s, uh, stop talking about this, go get something to eat.
Daphne Powell: Good plan.
[scene change: walking down the sidewalk]
Chris Minor: Look, Daphne, I need to say something about you and your family. I know this may sound crazy, but I think your family has... abilities.
Daphne Powell: No, we don't. We're just a normal family.
Daphne Powell: [using "the push"] Why don't we go hang out at the mall?
Chris Minor: You know, I was thinking, we should go hang out at the mall.
Daphne Powell: Love that idea.
[scene change: at home watching TV]
Chris Minor: Hey, Daph?
Daphne Powell: Yes?
Chris Minor: This may sound crazy, but I think your family has...
Daphne Powell: OHHHHHH!

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Sidekick (#1.10)" (2010)
J.J. Powell: I thought having these powers was cool, 'cause I was finally good at stuff, but the problem is I'm REALLY good at stuff.
Daphne Powell: [sarcastically] Wow. Sounds awful.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Marriage (#1.2)" (2010)
Daphne Powell: [Jim just turned off the tv the kids were watching] Hey!
J.J. Powell: Turn that back on!
Jim Powell: Quiet. We are going to spend some time together as a family. Your mother spent a lot of time planning this school fair, so let's go.
Daphne Powell: No thanks.
J.J. Powell: I'm okay.
Stephanie Powell: If we want the world to view us as a normal family, we are going to have to act like one.
Jim Powell: Trust me, we are going to have the time of our lives.
J.J. Powell: You said that before. Right before our plane crashed.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Ring (#1.3)" (2010)
Daphne Powell: I'm not gonna use my powers to hook you up like a plot from one of Mom and Dad's old John Hughes movies.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Future (#1.19)" (2011)
Stephanie Powell: I seem to be able to travel into the future now.
Daphne Powell: Okay, now you're trying to alarm us, right?
Stephanie Powell: It seems that because of the Trilsettum injection, I'm now able to...
J.J. Powell: ...achieve faster-than-light speed and travel based on simultaneity in special relativity.
Stephanie Powell: Yeah, pretty much.

"No Ordinary Family: No Ordinary Brother (#1.12)" (2011)
Daphne Powell: JJ, I think Chris is covering for his younger brother. Now, if Drew IS popping pills, they're probably in his locker.
J.J. Powell: So you want me to violate his civil liberties with an illegal search and seizure? Is that the kind of government you run here?