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The Mad Trapper (Character)
from The Mad Trapper (1972) (TV)

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Death Hunt (1981)
W.W. Douglas: If you're headin' up to old Curly's I can save you the journey. Skeeters got him last spring. Ate through his eyelids and pumped him full of poison. Curly finally got a gun and blew his brains out.
Albert Johnson: That's one way to stop the buzzin'.

Sergeant Edgar Millen: You don't look like a mad killer.
Albert Johnson: You look like a mountie.

Albert Johnson: My old man told me never to trust you!

Sergeant Edgar Millen: Johnson, we have a bad situation out here. We have a bunch of savages out here, just aching to splatter you all over the place. They don't want your side tall. Now if you don't come with me, that's all the excuse they'll need. They'll either kill you or get themselves killed trying.
Albert Johnson: You can't stop it.
[there is a gunshot]
Sergeant Edgar Millen: Hold it!