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Milo Kamalani (Character)
from "Pepper Ann" (1997)

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"Pepper Ann: Dances with Ignorance/Girl Power (#3.2)" (1999)
Pepper Ann: It's all set. Mom helped me track down some real live Navajos right here in Hazelnut, they're coming over tonight to help me with my report.
Milo Kamalani: Ask them about their art and craft techniques, P.A. Navajo weaving is totally legendary.
Nicky Little: The contributions of all American Indian tribes to our national culture have been long overlooked.
Pepper Ann: Oh, I totally know what you mean. Where would the Lone Ranger have been without Tonto?
Nicky Little: Uh, Pepper Ann, while your enthusiasm is commendable...
Milo Kamalani: Maybe we should help you out with your research.
Nicky Little: Maybe shmaybe! This girl needs help more than the Donner party needed a compass and a hot pizza!

Milo Kamalani: [researching Navajos on the computer] P.A. check this, the Navajo language is way complex.
Nicky Little: And precise, there are over 30 ways to say the word 'wind' in Navajo.
Pepper Ann: [playing computer game] After you knock the cavalry guys off their horses, you can press CTRL, ALT, T to tomahawk them.
[Indian whoop]

Nicky Little: The Navajo people place incredible importance on their children.
Milo Kamalani: Newborn babies are welcomed into the tribe with this cool blessing ritual called the Hózhóojí.
Pepper Ann: [watches a motorist litter, eyes water] Why does the pale ones disrespect our good earth so?

Nicky Little: [fed up with Pepper Ann's ignorance about the Navajos] Pepper Ann, you are basing all of this on STEREOTYPES!
Milo Kamalani: She's right, P.A., just because I'm Hawaiian you don't see me walking around in a grass skirt doing the hula... at least... not often.