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Quotes for
Peepo (Character)
from "Space Academy" (1977)

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"Space Academy: Planet of Fire (#1.9)" (1977)
Dramos: [to Peepo, whom Dramos has abducted] Where are the friends you were talking about?
Peepo: They'll be here.
Dramos: You don't have any real friends. You're like me. I don't have any friends.
Peepo: The way you act, maybe you don't deserve them.

Dramos: I am very, very sorry that I did that to you, Peepo. But to be sorry is not enough.
Peepo: It was an accident, Dramos. I know you didn't mean to hurt me.
Dramos: I don't understand. You and your friends should be very, very angry with me; instead you forgive me. I wish I had friends like yours, Peepo.
Lt. Adrian: I think if you want friends, Dramos, you'll find them. I think you've found them already.

"Space Academy: Space Hookey (#1.13)" (1977)
Cmdr. Gampu: [to Loki and Peepo in the stolen Seeker] You will return to the Academy IMMEDIATELY!
Peepo: My audio analyzer says he means it.
Loki: He sure does. I think we're getting in deeper and deeper.

Cmdr. Gampu: Now then, Loki, Peepo. I shall deal with you.
Peepo: Uh-Oh!
[Loki stands silently, ashamed]
Cmdr. Gampu: What you did was very, very wrong. You violated one of the primary rules of this Academy: trust. And you will be punished accordingly.
Peepo: Oh, no!
Cmdr. Gampu: Oh, yes!

"Jason of Star Command: Mission to the Stars (#2.1)" (1979)
Jason: Well, Professor, looks like the same old Starfire to me.
Professor E.J. Parsafoot: Same old Starfire? Do you have any idea how many hours went into modifying that ship?
Peepo: Not to mention robot hours?

"Space Academy: Johnny Sunseed (#1.15)" (1977)
Johnny Sunseed: There is one thing I must concede. Technology and nature can live together, with the occasional blunder, of course, which is only human.
Commander Gampu: You've taught us something as well, Sunseed. We've learned that Nature cannot be forced. She must be accepted and respected on her own terms.
Johnny Sunseed: Well, now you taught me something, too. Some machines can be friends, like Peppo here.
Peepo: Thank you, Moonseed.
Johnny Sunseed: Take care, machine, the name is SUNseed.
Peepo: Mine is PEEpo!
Johnny Sunseed: Humbug! Posh n' tosh! Peepo, Peppo!
Commander Gampu: Cease and desist, the both of you!

"Space Academy: The Phantom Planet (#1.8)" (1977)
Loki: What exactly is a ghost, Commander?
Cmdr. Gampu: No one is really sure, Loki. We feel it is something that one can see, but can never be touched, because there's nothing there to touch. It is said to be the spirit of someone or something that no longer exists.
Loki: Where do ghosts stay?
Cmdr. Gampu: Wherever they like, in all parts of the universe.
[Turns to the assembled Cadets]
Cmdr. Gampu: If there are no further questions...
Peepo: [Frightened] Request permission to stay here.
Cmdr. Gampu: Request denied!

"Space Academy: Star Legend (#1.14)" (1977)
Captain Rampo: Doggone it! I put on the wrong tape. Anyway, would'ja please just go away, now, while you still can?
Commander Gampu: Not until you answer some questions, whoever you are.
Tee Gar: Did he say "doggone it"?
Peepo: An ancient expression of exasperation.
Paul: well, we know that, but who said it?
Peepo: Captain Rampo.
Adrian: Captain Rampo?
Commander Gampu: That isn't possible. He must be more than fifteen-hundred years old.
Captain Rampo: Sixteen-hundred and three to be exact.

"Space Academy: The Rocks of Janus (#1.6)" (1977)
Chris: [after the Seeker has landed on the asteroid] Life support test. Peepo?
Peepo: Affirmative. Positive. All readings normal. No life support necessary.
Paul: Peepo, that's impossible!
Peepo: Of course it's impossible. But it's true.