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The Sheriff (Character)
from "The Gene Autry Show" (1950)

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"The Gene Autry Show: Gold Dust Charlie (#1.2)" (1950)
The Sheriff: Oh, I see. An old prospector was murdered - you didn't see who did it, but you tried to catch him. He rode away on a horse, but you have the horse... but you robbed a dead man's body and buried him, but it never occurred to you to report it to the law!

[while Gene's friends break him out of jail, Pat provides a diversion]
Sidekicks Pat Buttram: Sheriff, there's a robber loose - a dangerous killer - the most dangerous killer since the James boys and he's loose right here in this town!
The Sheriff: Well, who is he?
Sidekicks Pat Buttram: It's me.
The Sheriff: You?
Sidekicks Pat Buttram: Yes! I've been on a rampage of crime - been robbin' and killin' for years. You gotta put me away, Sheriff. You gotta lock me up before I do somethin' serious!

The Sheriff: Say, just when did you commit all these crimes?
Sidekicks Pat Buttram: When? Why, all the time. Don't you read the papers? Ain't you never heard of Billy the Kid?
Bearded Deputy: Aw, you're crazy! Billy the Kid's been dead for eighty years.
Sidekicks Pat Buttram: Eighty years? I have? Hmmm, time sure flies don't it.