Michelle Welton
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Michelle Welton (Character)
from "Bones" (2005)

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"Bones: The Feet on the Beach (#6.17)" (2011)
Michelle Welton: Well, surprise, I've learned a lot from you. I've learned to try hard, and not take shortcuts.
[Michelle tears up the Columbia acceptance letter]
Michelle Welton: I've learned that it's wrong to cheat.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Oh. Really. What are you going to do?
Michelle Welton: Here's what I'll do. I'll work for a year and make money. And I'll take extra courses. And I'll get into Columbia on my own. And make you proud.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: You already have.
Michelle Welton: I want to be just like you.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: [Chuckles] That's sweet but I think you should aim a little higher.

"Bones: The Doctor in the Den (#4.17)" (2009)
Dr. Camille Saroyan: After your mother. I don't think your father could commit like that again. And that wasn't something I could live with.
Michelle Weston: Maybe because he knew that you weren't good enough. Maybe he was waiting for the right one.

"Bones: The Bump in the Road (#7.8)" (2012)
Michelle Welton: Don't you have guts to play with?
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Yes, I do.

"Bones: The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle (#5.19)" (2010)
Michelle Welton: You're dating my gynaeocologist?
Dr. Camille Saroyan: It wasn't my fault. It just happened!
Michelle Welton: What? Think about what you'd say if I said that to you.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: I'd ground you. I'm... sorry. We had lunch, we liked each other. That's all. And that was wrong. Very, very wrong.

"Bones: The Goop on the Girl (#5.10)" (2009)
Dr. Camille Saroyan: It is my job to prove to you every day that you are loved in this world and if that makes you angry...
Michelle Welton: It makes me furious!
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Well, then, that's the price I pay. But you will know beyond a doubt that I can't just let you go flying off and not having it absolutely ruin *my* Christmas. Because right now, the way things are, there's - there's no Christmas without you!

"Bones: The Plain in the Prodigy (#5.3)" (2009)
Michelle Welton: Did you talk to your dad about boys?
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Oh God no. No. My mom told him to go bowling. She knew he'd have a meltdown. My dad still thinks I'm a - his little girl.