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Sam (Character)
from Press Start (2007) (V)

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Press Start (2007) (V)
[from trailer]
Zack Nimbus: Why'd you let him hit you?
Sam: It was his turn.

Sam: [notices the door to the abandoned ninja academy is locked] Great, the door is locked.
Zack Nimbus: Well, can't we break the glass?
Lin-Ku: [fed up] That's NINJA glass! You can't break NINJA glass!

G. Fourman: [regarding the introductions in fighting games] You, in the suit! Do the thing!
Sam: Huh?
[G. Fourman motions to table with microphone]
Sam: Oh, OK! Round One. FIGHT!

Shopkeeper: [after receiving the trophy in the training arena] If there's anything you ever need, you can expect my prices to be more than reasonable.
Lin-Ku: Hmm...
[nods to Sam and Zack and then swings his axe at the Shopkeeper]
Lin-Ku: HYAH!
Shopkeeper: [just axed in the skull] AGGH! OW! WHAT DID YOU DO!
Sam: [angrily] What the hell did you do THAT for?
Lin-Ku: I wanted to see if my weapon could hurt him!
Zack Nimbus: What!
Lin-Ku: I was curious! I didn't know if my weapon could hurt normal people!
Zack Nimbus: Why WOULDN'T it?
Lin-Ku: Well, they're normal, not enemies! They're good guys!
Zack Nimbus: That's a reason NOT to hit them!
Lin-Ku: Well, now I know.
Sam: He's not gonna be happy when he gets better. We should get out of here.
[Leaves quickly, as the others follow suit]
Shopkeeper: [still moaning in pain]
Lin-Ku: [looks around, and returns to pick up his axe from the Shopkeeper's skull]

Sam: You could use some more experience. And there's one skill you haven't even learned yet.
Zack Nimbus: I am NOT playing Jackamo.
Lin-Ku: Oh, it's not Jackamo.
Sam: [cut to interior dance studio; Sam is holding cards with arrows on them] It's very simple. You just follow the arrows. They'll tell you where to put your feet.
Zack Nimbus: Why am I doing this again?
Lin-Ku: It's important!
Zack Nimbus: You've got to be kidding me.