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Howard Joyce (Character)
from The Letter (1982) (TV)

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The Letter (1929)
Ong Chi Seng: It has been brought to my attention, sir, that there is a letter in existence from Mrs. Crosby to Mr. Hammond.
Howard Joyce: Well, dozens of them, probably. Hammond has been a friend of theirs for years.
Ong Chi Seng: But, this letter, sir, was written the night of Mr. Hammond's death. It is quite unusual in tone.
Howard Joyce: Where is this letter?

Howard Joyce: Damn clever, these Chinese.

Howard Joyce: Perhaps the terms of the letter are not very clear to your recollection. I'll read it to you, "Robert will be away for the night. I absolutely must see you. I shall expect you at eleven. I am desperate and if you don't come I won't answer for the consequences."
Leslie Crosbie: Well, I admit that it's all extravagant and emotional. I write like that, you know.
Howard Joyce: I must be very much mistaken. I've always looked upon you as a very reserved and self-possessed woman.

Howard Joyce: Mrs. Crosby, I've got to talk to you very, very seriously. This case was comparatively plain-sailing. Although Geoffrey Hammond was much liked or, on the whole, thought highly of; I was prepared to prove that he was the sort of man who might be guilty of the crime, which in justification of your act, you accused him of. The fact, which was discovered after his death, that he'd been living with a Chinese woman, robbed him of any sympathy that might be felt for him in the minds of all respectable people.

Howard Joyce: This letter - has thrown an entirely different complexion on this case.

Howard Joyce: I'm going to help you all I can. But, don't think I don't know I'm doing wrong. I am. I'm doing it with my eyes open.

Howard Joyce: It's strange that a man can live with a woman for ten years and not know the first thing about her. It's rather - frightening.

The Letter (1940)
Robert Crosbie: I'll do whatever you think is right.
Howard Joyce: I don't think it's right, but I think it's expedient. Juries can sometimes be very stupid, and it's just as well not to worry them with more evidence than they can conveniently deal with.

Howard Joyce: Strange that a man can live with a woman for ten years and not know the first thing about her.

Howard Joyce: Be flippant about your own crimes if you want to, but don't be flippant about mine!