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Quotes for
Jay Grobart (Character)
from The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973)

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The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973)
Jay: I told you I didn't want anybody killed back there!
Dawes: Yeah, well, I forgot.

Jay: Never try to bribe a man with something he can take anyway.

Catherine Crocker: Give me the horse and let me go. I won't tell a soul, I promise.
Jay: Why not?
Catherine Crocker: Because I'm running away, too.
Jay: [pauses] Mm hmm.
Jay: [to Billy] Throw her ass on a horse.

Jay: [to Catherine, at the campsite] Make some coffee.
Catherine Crocker: I don't want to make coffee, thank you...
Jay: I don't give a damn what you want. Make some coffee.
Catherine Crocker: [Fumbling with the coffee pot, obviously clueless] I don't know how to make coffee. I'm sorry.

Jay: [Regarding Charlie] He wanted to be a leader like his father. He ended up being an imitation white man.