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Quotes for
Jek (Character)
from "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" (2008)

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"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Deserter (#2.10)" (2010)
Shaeeah: [Shaeeah has accidentally activated a group of Comando Droids] Uh oh...
Jek: I didn't do it, you did!

Suu: He was injured. His men brought him here. I told him he could stay just for the night.
Cut Lawquane: Of course he can. We never turn away those in need, do we?
Jek: No, we always help anyone we can.
Cut Lawquane: Right. You, uh, you look hungry, Rex.
Captain Rex: No I'm fine. I'll stay here.
Jek: No, you have to eat with us. Please?
Shaeeah: Please?
Cut Lawquane: They're never going to stop till you say yes.
Captain Rex: All right. I'll join you.

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Ambush (#1.1)" (2008)
Trooper Jek: Okay clankers, suck lasers!