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Quotes for
David (Character)
from Bride of Chucky (1998)

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Bride of Chucky (1998)
David: Yuck. Not my type. I'm so over that whole uniform thing.

David: Screw him. If I were you, I would take Jade get the hell outta Dodge and never look back.

David: [calls Jesse after watching the news on the murder of Needlenose] What the fuck?

Jesse: They think we're mass murderers!
David: Multiple murderers, actually. Mass murderers kill a whole lot of people at the same time, like at the post office.

Chief Warren Kincaid: So, I've heard a lot about you, David. I understand you're off to Princetown next fall.
David: Yes, sir.
Chief Warren Kincaid: What are you gonna study?
David: Theatre arts.
Chief Warren Kincaid: But on an athletic scholarship, right? Playing hockey?
David: Figure skating.

David: Oh Christ, it's Needlenose.

David: [Jade calls David from the motel] Hello?
Jade: David, it's me.
David: Jade. Where are you?
Jade: Niagara. The Honeymoon Suites Motel, which believe me is worse than it sounds.
David: Are you okay?
Jade: No, I'm married.