Barkley Michaelson
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Barkley Michaelson (Character)
from Nobel Son (2007)

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Nobel Son (2007)
Barkley Michaelson: [first time trying to talk her] I wish I could offer to buy you a hamburger or something, but I don't have any money at all.
City Hall: I'm a vegetarian.
Barkley Michaelson: That's uh, that's a good thing, especially since if I ever have to eat you. Because vegetarians taste better than carrion eaters.

Barkley Michaelson: It isn't evil to eat the dead. It's recycling. True evil is to eat a man alive.

[first lines]
Barkley Michaelson: The French essayist, Michel de Montaigne, once said, "I think there is more barbarity in eating a man alive than in eating him dead." The wisdom of it. When you were a kid with an open soul, they told the world consists of good guys and bad guys. I always liked the bad guys. Scar Face over Superman.