James Munroe
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James Munroe (Character)
from The Expendables (2010)

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The Expendables (2010)
James Munroe: How did two obvious professionals pass right through security personnel, kill 41 soldiers and get away? With help, that's how. Everything's under control, except one detail, a daughter who wants her father and company dead and gone. Bad Shakespeare. Somehow the company parasites got to her. Look, she's your daughter, and that's tragic. But blood or not, she's goes. Call it the price of doing business.
General Garza: You don't kill your familia.
James Munroe: Come around my house during the holidays, pal.

James Munroe: And being wealthy is very good. It allows people to be the real asswipes nature intended them to be.

James Munroe: First of all, I don't feel comfortable talking business with a giant carrying a shotgun.
The Brit: Pretty boy wouldn't give it up.
Gunnar Jensen: Not if you wanna know where they are.
James Munroe: What do you know?
Gunnar Jensen: I used to be one of them.
James Munroe: Why are you turning on them?
Gunnar Jensen: Lover's quarrel.
James Munroe: We settled on 50.
Gunnar Jensen: No, math whiz. We settle on 100 grand upfront, in my pocket!
Paine: The guy thinks he's a real badass.
Gunnar Jensen: Actually, I'm a horror show.
The Brit: This geezer's a bloody joke.
Gunnar Jensen: Life's a joke, SHITFACE!

James Munroe: [Holding Sandra hostage] The agency parasites hired you, didn't they? I'd have paid you twice as much to go fishing! You'd have to think I'm pretty freaking stupid to surrender to the agency! Why would I do that? I created this! I made it all happen and they wanted me out! Why? Because I saw the big picture!
[Ross approaches him]
James Munroe: Stop walking!
[Holds the gun to Sandra's head. Ross stops]
James Munroe: And what about me and you? We're both the same! We're both mercenaries! We're both dead inside! So why the hell did you come after me?
Barney Ross: I didn't come after you, dipshit! I came for HER!
[Sandra escapes from Munroe. Ross shoots Munroe as Christmas throws Gunnar Jensen's knife straight through Munroe's chest, killing him]

[in Extended Director's Cut]
James Munroe: Unlike people like her father, you, the Agency, you see life through a freaking keyhole because you let emotions cloud your judgment! Emotions are the cancer of the intellect!