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Quotes for
Phillipe (Character)
from The Fallen Idol (1948)

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The Fallen Idol (1948)
[repeated line]
Phillipe: Baines!

Phillipe: Master Phillipe, we-- we've always been friends, haven't we?
Phillipe: No!
Mrs. Baines: We were friends last night. Do you remember that secret we had about them?
Phillipe: We didn't have a secret.
Mrs. Baines: Oh, you know all about them! You're not such a child as you pretend to be! You've got a nasty, wicked mind and it ought to be beaten out of you!

Phillipe: Funny, isn't it? Julie working for the embassy and all this time she was your niece.
Baines: Yes. It's a scream.

Julie: What did he say, Phile?
Phillipe: "I want my freedom." Just like that. And she went on. Natter, natter. Always nattering. Poor Baines. He did want it so badly. When she comes back, I'll ask her for my freedom, too.

Phillipe: We've got to think of lies and tell them all the time. And then they won't find out the truth.

Baines: There are faults on both sides, Phile. We don't have any call to judge. Perhaps she was what she was because I am what I am. We ought to be very careful, Phile. 'Cause we make one another.
Phillipe: I thought God made us.
Baines: Trouble is, we take a hand in the game.

Phillipe: Oh, Baines, we must never tell any more lies.

Inspector Crowe: Shall I tell you a secret?
Phillipe: No!