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Col. Henry (Character)
from "Jane" (1982)

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"Jane: Episode #1.1" (1982)
Jane: [startled, having just gotten out of the bath] Colonel, what are you doing here?
Col. Henry: Must see you, Jane.
Jane: Well at the moment I think you're seeing rather too much of me.
Col. Henry: Ah, I take your point. A bit... inconvenient, what?

Col. Henry: Can you type?
Jane: Only with one finger.
Col. Henry: Good. What about taking things down?
[Jane looks perplexed]
Col. Henry: Shorthand I mean. Oh, never mind, I'll speak slowly.

Col. Henry: Oh, eh, by the way: our chaps in Germany have send word that Nazi agents are already on their way. We'll have to keep our eyes open, Jane.
Jane: [half undressed for bed] Well at the moment I'd like to get mine shut.
Jane: What? Ah, yes.

"Jane: Episode #1.5" (1982)
Jane: [Fritz is gnawing at the ropes to free Jane] Good boy, that's it. Tugg at them.
Col. Henry: Times running out, Jane, he'll have to move faster than that if we're to stop those blasted Nazi's from landing.
Colonels Wife: Oh, quiet, Henry. The dog's doing a damned sight better than you are.

Col. Henry: [to Lola] Quiet woman, or I'll turn my wife on you.
Jane: And that would really straighten out your swastika.

"Jane: Episode #1.4" (1982)
Col. Henry: She's got a gun, Jane!
Jane: I've got two good British fists.

Col. Henry: Ah, this elephant gun should knock them off their axis.

"Jane: Episode #1.3" (1982)
Georgie Porgie: Colonel, I've found my girl at last.
Col. Henry: What?
Georgie Porgie: Jane is the spy I've been looking for.
Col. Henry: Jane a spy? Nonsense my boy.
Georgie Porgie: Colonel, I got it from her own lips.
Col. Henry: Perhaps I'd better just... double check.
Jane: Colonel, I'm not going to be kissed to death.