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King Henry The Seventh (Character)
from "The Shadow of the Tower" (1972)

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"The Shadow of the Tower: The Schooling of Apes (#1.3)" (1972)
Henry VII: [to his pet monkey] I am doing my best to trust everyone.

Henry VII: On a crooked road a fit ass is better than a sick horse.

Henry VII: [to Lincolm] It must be hard for a man to lose his whole future as well as his past on the outcome of one day's warring at Bosworth Field to live to see it all go.

"The Shadow of the Tower: The Crowning of Apes (#1.4)" (1972)
Henry VII: My trust shall be buried with your carcass.

Henry VII: Dear body of Christ, I am bored with insurrection!

"The Shadow of the Tower: Do the Sheep Sin? (#1.9)" (1972)
Henry VII: [to Audley] Fool! He wastes the very air he breathes.

Henry VII: [Referring to the lifting of taxes for certain subjects] There's no better way of buying loyalty, Kent. It costs much less than any other gift.

"The Shadow of the Tower: The King Without a Face (#1.13)" (1972)
Henry VII: [to Puebla] One can not please everybody, doctor. You do much better to please me.

Henry VII: [to Dr. Aylesworth as his life lies dead] You come too late, doctor. They're already taking the mask.

"The Shadow of the Tower: The Fledgling (#1.12)" (1972)
[last lines]
Henry VII: [after signing a pardon for the double agent Cleymounde] Would the God pardon me so easily.

"The Shadow of the Tower: The Strange Shapes of Reality (#1.11)" (1972)
Henry VII: Oh, pity the man cursed with perceptive friends.

"The Shadow of the Tower: The White Hart (#1.6)" (1972)
Henry VII: [to Stanley] If you're a man painted on glass, I could see you.

"The Shadow of the Tower: The Man Who Never Was (#1.10)" (1972)
Henry VII: [Referring to Catherine Warbeck] Is it quite certain she is not with child?
Earl of Devon: Quite, sir.
Henry VII: [Drolly] Then let her remain. This kingdom spawns enough pretenders without their spawning for themselves.