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Quotes for
'Lightning' Bill Carson (Character)
from Lightnin' Bill Carson (1936)

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Code of the Cactus (1939)
[Bill's punch sends Blackton through a government office's window]
'Lightning' Bill Carson: Arrest that man for destroying government property!

Magpie: All you been sayin' for hours is "No." I've seen a time when anybody mentioned rusters, why, you'd make a flying jump for your horse.
'Lightning' Bill Carson: There was a time, but times have changed. It's different now - fellas rustling cattle with trucks, charging at 60 miles an hour down the highways, machine guns, racketeers in the big city running the game. Yes, times certainly have changed.

Thurston: You get a job?
Miguel: I got the best job - everybody else does the work; I get the money.

Thurston: You know, five of our trucks were hijacked and the boys think that you did it. Now where'd you hide the cattle?
Miguel: Aw, them boys aren't thinking that I-I, Miguel... Ah, I got him. They must have confused me with my brother, Juan. He would steal your cattle. He's the kind of fellow that would shoot you! Of course, he would apologize later...

Miguel: You know, we're in the same business. You steal the cattle, I steal from you. Of course, I get the money - that's the difference.

Thurston: Alright, I'll give you 50 per cent.
Miguel: Fifty? One half - for Miguel won't work for less!

[last lines]
'Lightning' Bill Carson: But remember, if you ever need any help, send me a wire.