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Ingeborg Skjern (Character)
from "Matador" (1978)

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"Matador: Lauras store dag (#3.4)" (1980)
Ingeborg Skjern: [Upon Misse Møhge entering the Varnæs' living room, carrying two heavy bags, on the morning of the German invasion] Misse! Are you going on a journey?
Misse Møhge: It's something completely different: Mother has been to her safe.
Maude Varnæs: Yes, she called about it this morning.
Misse Møhge: Now she wants to bury everything. The silver, the jewelry. And the bonds. We tried to find a place in the park. But there were too many people. And now... Now she demands that I bury everything in your garden.
Maude Varnæs: In our garden? Have people gone crazy?
Misse Møhge: Mother's family always buried everything when the Germans came.